Enviva LP

Joining Enviva in May of 2011, my immediate and primary objectives were to advance the company’s marketing collateral portfolio, which included a redesigned Web site, along with new print publications, e-mail marketing templates, enhanced social media outlets, and a company stationery package and PowerPoint template.  

Company Profile

This publication is Enviva’s flagship brochure. It provides a clear and concise overview of the company and its history, its manufacturing processes, and sustainability initiatives. Printed on 100 percent recycled paper, the publication has a pocket on the inside back cover allowing the company to add specific information depending on when it is being used.


In addition to redesigning the company’s Web site, I developed an email template to distribute press releases and other news to members of the media and anyone interested in following the company. The template perfectly reflected Enviva’s new brand seen in print and other online media, including the Web site. Enviva had previously never used email to distribute press releases on a large scale. This method complimented Enviva’s use of a newswire service and enabled the company to distribute releases just to small groups without relying on expensive external companies for smaller releases.Enviva was also able to track the results of its email campaigns immediately by viewing open and click-through rates. The information was used to see who was reading releases, what links readers clicked on, and to improve future releases.


Holiday Cards

Enviva is a fun, professional company and we wanted our holiday cards to reflect that. The cards below were the 2011 and 2012 versions, respectively, mailed to customers, suppliers, contractors and investors.

Sustainability White Paper

To substantiate our sustainability claims, we published a white paper outlining the sustainability and carbon benefits of the wood pellet industry.

In addition to participating in the writing and editing process, I was responsible for the entire layout and design of all graphics and charts from raw data.