Bowie Gridley Architects

Bowie Gridley Architects specializes in architecture and master planning for institutions of community significance—schools, performing arts venues, libraries, athletic facilities, museums, and more. I was brought on to reimagine the company’s marketing collateral and brand with a more modern look and feel that would match the contemporary architecture their clients sought for 21st century learning spaces.

Independent Schools Marketing

I developed brochures that targeted our individual market segments to use primarily at conferences or as leave behinds. They provide a general overview of the firm, services offered by BGA and our past experience along with captive imagery that highlights our best projects. For all of the brochures, I was responsible for the layout and content generation.

NAIS Conference Mailer

Printed as a five inch by seven inch full color, glossy post card, this mailer was sent to targeted attendees participating in the 2014 National Association of Independent Schools conference. The tagline, “Buildings as advanced as your curriculum” printed on the red background grabs attention and reminds clients about our extensive experience in developing 21st century learning facilities for independent and boarding schools. Clients stopping by our both remarked about having received the card and were pleased to know we were attending the conference.